Kr-Sc-00001 by Kai Dunkel

Kai Dunkel Reveals The Kr-Sc-00001 Avantgarde Summer Coat

Kai Dunkel, the project leader of the awarded project Kr-Sc-00001 by Kai Dunkel demonstrates, KR-SC-00001 visualizes the individual’s dismissal from reality and its transformation in a new world.The Coat distinguishes itself through its unique cont <Cropped>

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2020 Embracing Our Differences International Art Exhibit Celebrating Diversity

The Centerpiece of Embracing Our Differences Is An Outdoor Juried Art Exhibit Featuring 50 Billboard Size Images Created by Local, National and International Artists and Writers. The Theme Is "enriching Lives Through Diversity."art Is a Powerful

The centerpiece of embracing our differences is an outdoor juried art exhibit featuring 50 billboard size images created by local, national and international artists and writers. the theme is "enriching lives through diversity."Art is a pow <Cropped>

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Interior Design by Moriyuki Ochiai Architects

Moriyuki Ochiai Architects Shows The Dream Dairy Farm Store Interior Design

Moriyuki Ochiai Architects, the creator of the displayed project DREAM DAIRY FARM STORE by Moriyuki Ochiai Architects spells out, A store selling dairy products and belonging to a company which runs its own dairy farm. The space is composed of a lumi <Cropped>

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Lady Cage-Lamp by Massimo Rosati

Massimo Rosati Illustrates The Lady Cage Lamp

Massimo Rosati, the author of the highlighted design Lady Cage by Massimo Rosati explicates, Lady Cage is a versatile lamp. You can hang it on a hook, place it on a top or on a shelf, take it with you. Easy to move, thanks to its handle, easy to plac <Cropped>

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Andrew Bromberg At Aedas's Chengdu City Music Hall Cultural, Arts, Education and Hotel

Andrew Bromberg At Aedas Discloses The Chengdu City Music Hall Cultural, Arts, Education and Hotel

Andrew Bromberg at Aedas, the project leader of the awarded project Cultural, Arts, Education and Hotel by Andrew Bromberg at Aedas explains, Inspired by Chinese landscape painting of natural scenery, building body mass and organic links as expressed <Cropped>

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Bluetooth Speaker Lamp by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Shows The Calla Bluetooth Speaker Lamp

The author of the highlighted design Award Winning Calla Bluetooth Speaker Lamp points out, Bluetooth Speaker with RGB Led Lamp controlled by an App for iOS and Android than can change the colour of the light and send music and audio contents. The la <Cropped>

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Octopus-Sneakers by Junda Liu

Junda Liu Illustrates The Octopus Sneakers

Junda Liu, the author of the highlighted project Sneakers by Junda Liu demonstrates, Softness and support are contradictory. The designer realizes that a single shoe cannot achieve the strength of exercise. Shoes with multiple layers of material or h <Cropped>

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Bangle, Bracelet :crown of The Ocean by Jimin Jung

Jimin Jung Discloses The Crown of The Ocean Bangle, Bracelet

Jimin Jung, the creator of the displayed project Bangle, Bracelet by Jimin Jung demonstrates, His design practice is informed by modernism and minimalism and driven by material exploration. He utilizes both traditional and contemporary designing and <Cropped>

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Swiss Original Handmade Creative Project

The Competition Entails The Production of a Work of Art/Expression That Represents and Gives Shape to The Interpretative Territory Defined: Swiss Original – Handmade Creative Original Handmade Creative Project For Centuries, The Swiss Tra

The competition entails the production of a work of art/expression that represents and gives shape to the interpretative territory defined: swiss original – handmade creative project.Swiss original handmade creative project for centuries, the swis <Cropped>

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Entrance Table:1909 Elephants's Child by Fabrizio Constanza

Fabrizio Constanza Creates The 1909 Elephants's Child Entrance Table

Fabrizio Constanza, the architect of the displayed design 1909 Elephants's Child by Fabrizio Constanza points out, The composition strength is based on four elements: utility, form, color, and light. The product is design to function as Entrance <Cropped>

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