Main Meeting Hall:xupin by Jiang Guoxing

Jiang Guoxing Creates The Xupin Main Meeting Hall

Jiang Guoxing, the creator of the awarded work Jiang Guoxing's XUPIN Main meeting hall spells out, The building ,surrounding with big lawn, is a small building located in a beautiful Industrial Park . Its outer wall is made up with red brick wh <Cropped>

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Alexander Wong's White Futura Cinema

Alexander Wong Discloses The White Futura Cinema

Alexander Wong, the creative mind behind the displayed project Cinema by Alexander Wong points out, “White Futura” is the second cinema in Shanghai alone designed for China Film Cinema City. This unique Cinema embodies a series of mind-blowing &a <Cropped>

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Tama-Restaurant and Bar by Devesh Pratyay

Devesh Pratyay Reveals The Tama Restaurant and Bar

Devesh Pratyay, the project leader of the displayed design Restaurant and bar:Tama by Devesh Pratyay spells out, Tama, stands as a puritan’s delight. Tama means copper in Indian dialect, which has been thoroughly used here in color and spirit of co <Cropped>

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Residential House by Ding-Rui Tai and Yun-Hsiang Tsao

Ding-Rui Tai and Yun-Hsiang Tsao Designs The Green Life Residential House

Ding-Rui Tai and Yun-Hsiang Tsao, the lead designer of the awarded design Ding-Rui Tai and Yun-Hsiang Tsao's Green Life Residential House illustrates, What is the most difficult with design is to perceive the proprietor’s main ideas and to tho <Cropped>

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Orange Gift Box:kinpachimikan by Koichi Sugiyama and Minako Endo

Koichi Sugiyama and Minako Endo Demonstrates The Kinpachimikan Orange Gift Box

Koichi Sugiyama and Minako Endo, the author of the awarded design Award Winning Kinpachimikan Orange gift box says, Kinpachimikan is the astonishingly sweet and the finest graded orange that can be only found in the odds of one out of one hundred ora <Cropped>

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Award Winning Kebrick Sand Construction Set

Id.real Creates The Kebrick Sand Construction Set

id.real, the designer of the award winning work Sand construction set by id.real explains, The Kebrick design team redefines beach and snow toys, analyzing how they have adapted to the users' needs. After an indepth research and talks with paren <Cropped>

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Una by Conor Mcdonald

Conor Mcdonald Shares The Una Side Table

Conor McDonald, the project leader of the awarded design Award Winning Una side table spells out, Seamless integration is the essence of the Una table. Three maple forms come together to cradle a tempered glass surface. the product of intense conside <Cropped>

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Bedtime Story 2-Creative Photography by Matteo Mescalchin

Matteo Mescalchin Illustrates The Bedtime Story 2 Creative Photography

Matteo Mescalchin, the lead designer of the awarded project creative photography by Matteo Mescalchin spells out, Personal project developing two visionary scenes as pictured in the mind of photographer then bringing them up to real scenes, lighting <Cropped>

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Ct Scanner by Padwa Design

Padwa Design Demonstrates The Cardiographe Ct Scanner

PADWA DESIGN, the maker of the award winning project Ct Scanner:CardioGraphe by PADWA DESIGN explains, The configuration of one panel and a screen (as opposed to the orthodox two panels and a screen) offered a unique opportunity for an asymmetrical d <Cropped>

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Motor Yacht by Sarp Yachts

Sarp Yachts Shares The Aouda 63 Motor Yacht

Sarp Yachts, the designer of the displayed design Motor Yacht by Sarp Yachts spells out, When your desire to explore the world knows no boundaries, this extraordinary yacht is your perfect companion. She combines pure luxury with superior technology. <Cropped>

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