Little Houses by Neringa Orlenok

Neringa Orlenok Demonstrates The Little Houses Sensory Play Space Divider

Neringa Orlenok, the creator of the awarded work Sensory Play Space Divider by Neringa Orlenok demonstrates, Little Houses is a unique modular space divider made for furnishing any early childhood learning environment and create different activity zo <Cropped>

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Plan B's Parkup Placemaking Service

Plan B Shares The Parkup Placemaking Service

Plan b, the designer of the award winning project ParkUp - Placemaking Service by Plan b illustrates, With issues on city development nowadays, ParkUp series projects has decided to focus on renovating vacant lots throughout cities by conducting cust <Cropped>

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Graphene by Chia Hung Yu

Chia Hung Yu Spotlights The Graphene Western Lifestyle Tell Quiet of Space

Chia Hung Yu, the designer of the awarded design Western lifestyle tell quiet of space by Chia Hung Yu demonstrates, A stove is planned on purpose to gather focuses and cohere the emotions of the family members rather than planning the television w <Cropped>

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Pocketmaker by Lang Qiyue and Yang Tian

Lang Qiyue and Yang Tian Shares The Pocketmaker 3d Printer

LANG Qiyue and YANG Tian, the creator of the highlighted work LANG Qiyue and YANG Tian's PocketMaker 3D Printer illustrates, PocketMaker is a USD99 palm-sized 3D printer. This 3D printer is only as large as a palm, but it can print any object at <Cropped>

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Bluetooth Speaker:music Planet by Pang Ming, Chu Weifeng and Lu Jiawei

Pang Ming, Chu Weifeng and Lu Jiawei Shares The Music Planet Bluetooth Speaker

Pang Ming, Chu Weifeng and Lu Jiawei, the designer of the highlighted work Bluetooth Speaker:Music Planet by Pang Ming, Chu Weifeng and Lu Jiawei says, designer developed a simple but effective way for speaker’s sound reflection to make a balance b <Cropped>

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Award Winning Micro Taxi-Mobilizing India Mobilizing Masses in India

Rajshekhar Dass Shares The Micro Taxi-Mobilizing India Mobilizing Masses in India

Rajshekhar Dass, the architect of the highlighted project Rajshekhar Dass's Micro Taxi- Mobilizing India Mobilizing masses in India demonstrates, Rajshekhar Dass led a team of 3 transportation designer Smitesh Chavanke, KAustubh Shetty, Vinay Ra <Cropped>

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Stay Sixty-Refillable Drinks Bottle by Two Create Studio

Two Create Studio Creates The Stay Sixty Refillable Drinks Bottle

Two Create Studio, the author of the award winning project Refillable Drinks Bottle:Stay Sixty by Two Create Studio explains, By refilling a Stay Sixty bottle you help rid the planet of wasteful and energy consuming plastic bottles. The double-walled <Cropped>

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Hay%uff01youngbirds%uff01talent Award Asia 2020

Hay!youngbirds!talent Award Asia 2020 Officially Launched! Come and Win Big Cash Prizes and a Trip to Denmark!hay! Youngbirds!is An International Competition Ip and a Design Stage Created Jointly by Danish Contemporary Design Brand Hay, Which Endors

Hay!youngbirds!talent award asia 2020 officially launched! come and win big cash prizes and a trip to denmark!Hay! youngbirds!is an international competition ip and a design stage created jointly by danish contemporary design brand hay, which e <Cropped>

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Award Winning Bold Wall-Mounted Range Hood

Acclaimed Designer Presents The Bold Wall-Mounted Range Hood

The author of the highlighted work Wall-Mounted Range Hood:Bold by Acclaimed Designer spells out, Bold is a distinctive wall-mounted range hood with customizable aluminum cosmetic stripes, which highlights the individualism and the characteristics of <Cropped>

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O'ws by Hebei Top Design Co. Ltd

Hebei Top Design Co. Ltd. Creates The O'ws Energy-Saving Heating Device

Hebei Top Design Co. Ltd., the lead designer of the displayed design O'ws by Hebei Top Design Co. Ltd. illustrates, The utility model is an energy-saving heating device with infrared human sense, which is specially designed for office space and <Cropped>

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