Award Winning Scpg Shopping Plaza Shopping Center

Ping Xu-Ph Alpha Design Limited Spotlights The Scpg Shopping Plaza Shopping Center

Ping Xu - PH Alpha Design Limited, the creative mind behind the awarded design Award Winning SCPG Shopping Plaza Shopping Center explicates, The objective for this project is to upgrade the SCPG Shopping Plaza to be a new iconic shopping mall of the <Cropped>

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So Fifties by Emanuele Pangrazi

Emanuele Pangrazi Creates The So Fifties Bathroom Collection

Emanuele Pangrazi, the author of the awarded project So Fifties - Bathroom collection by Emanuele Pangrazi explicates, This collection is the first of a series of new designs in retro style. It is inspired to the design principles used in fifties yea <Cropped>

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Ring:the Dunes by Eric Van Limpt

Eric Van Limpt Spotlights The The Dunes Ring

Eric van Limpt, the maker of the awarded project Ring by Eric van Limpt demonstrates, The Dunes, made of 18 carat white gold, consisting of 3 rings flowing from small to wide. The middle ring representing the flow of dunes. The two side rings represe <Cropped>

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Vote For Your Favourite Green Product and Win a Prize

Our Jury Selected The Green Product Award and The Green Concept Award Winners. Now We Are Looking For Your Choice and Want to See Who Wins The Green Product Audience Award. You Can Decide!

Our jury selected the green product award and the green concept award winners. now we are looking for your choice and want to see who wins the green product audience award. you can decide!.

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Absa by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Portrays The Absa Technology Bank

The designer of the highlighted design Absa - Technology bank by Acclaimed Designer illustrates, The new branch is used as a test lab to develop innovative products and processes prior to rolling them out to the remainder of its 900-strong branch net <Cropped>

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Poster by Gao Pin

Gao Pin Shows The An Avenue to Success Poster

GAO PIN, the maker of the displayed work poster by GAO PIN explains, This poster design deeply conveys that hard work is an avenue of success. It intelligently combines the symbolic meaning of seagulls with the visuals of Chinese calligraphy with pho <Cropped>

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Pamphlet by Egc Creative

Egc Creative Presents The Johnnie Walker Pamphlet

EGC Creative, the creator of the highlighted design Johnnie Walker by EGC Creative spells out, ・This pamphlet was created to be used by sales representatives from the out-of-store sales division at upscale department stores. It is a sales tool that <Cropped>

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Bear Hug by Clive Bullivant

Clive Bullivant Spotlights The Bear Hug Bottle Chiller/Ice Bucket

Clive Bullivant, the author of the highlighted design Clive Bullivant's Bear Hug Bottle chiller/Ice bucket explains, This design brings amusement and practicality to an otherwise purely functional product. It is part of a range of domestic culin <Cropped>

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Yang-Hsin Chen's Fantastical Metamorphosis Projection Mapping

Yang-Hsin Chen Designs The Fantastical Metamorphosis Projection Mapping

YANG-HSIN CHEN, the lead designer of the highlighted work Projection mapping by YANG-HSIN CHEN says, Fantastical Metamorphosis is an event for the Taichung City Government to celebrate the grand opening of the Taichung Metropolitan Theater designed <Cropped>

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Lightning to Usb-a Microsd Card Reader by Asher Lin

Asher Lin Shows The Iklips Wizard Lightning to Usb-a Microsd Card Reader

Asher Lin, the thinktank behind the award winning project Lightning to USB-A microSD Card Reader:iKlips Wizard by Asher Lin says, iKlips Wizard is a microSD card reader. It can connect to an iOS device via lightning connector and a computer via USB <Cropped>

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