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Lady Already

Luxury knitwear for girls is made of only the finest cashmere and wool yarn sourced from the best world producers. A creator believes that each young girl is a brilliant that needs special setting to shine and spark joy. With enthusiasm she works to make sure that your precious tiny lady feel look stunning in her new knitwear. She always does the best creating perfect outfits to express your little lady’s style and individuality. So the knitwear makes girls feel fabulous love, care and a tiny bit of magic in every stitch of the soft and silky luxury knitwear

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Leoleo was designed with multi-functionality in mind. Each part of Leoleo is supposed to be used in more than one way, and to be possibly inter-locked with other parts. Re-assembling the parts must be fast and easy, with no use of keys or other devices. This should create an element of surprise. The whole object and also every part of it are made searching for use of minimal material resources and ideal proportions. Edges and corners are rounded in order to obtain a continuous flowing line and also for safety purposes. Varnished plywood has been chosen as material, for looks and endurance.

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Kango Baby

Inspired by kangaroos life, Kango Baby is the most user-friendly baby carrier which could be rotated easily from the front to the back and vice versa by you. The outer layer is also your baby’s pad and can be used instead of any extra pad which you have had before. The sticky bag makes you feel free and you will not need any other extra bags. With this comfortable carrier, you can walk through the streets for many hours and make a fantastic emotional connection with your baby. Using various colors helps improve your baby’s emotional intelligence. Hug your babies more, Kango baby is here!

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Soappy is a hand sanitizer printer designed to encourage kids to foster the habit of washing hands. Most kids don't like to wash their hands due to the boring and tedious handwashing process. Soappy makes hand washing an attractive game by printing various hand sanitizer patterns. Kids can choose their favorite patterns and get them printed on their hands. Besides, Soappy provides different groups of patterns according to how dirty the hands are, which means the more dirt and germs the hands have, the more complex the patterns are, and the more hand sanitizer they contain.

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Cani Airwave

The founder, who has just become a dad, immersed in the joy of being a parent, realized that it was difficult to choose baby-safe products for children with atopic dermatitis, then he followed the doctors advice and went abroad to find organic cotton. After using the product, he didnt expect to improve the childs skin condition. To protect all children with different skin types, organic cotton was introduced to Taiwan and the infant organic brand was created. This mattress is one of them.

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A large stroller designed as a disaster prevention and evacuation device that enhances survivability by improving rough road running ability and safety as evacuation equipment in the event of a disaster, reducing the burden on childcare workers in normal times, and pursuing ergonomic ease of use. It is designed as a Dual Product (used in both normal times and emergencies) that combines these two goals and it can protect children in case of emergency.

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